Message from Michelle Stewart



Dear Families,

The weather is turning and we are moving into fall! It has been a nice start to the school year
and so many people have said it feels a little more “normal”.
The Parent Club volunteers are working hard to prepare for the Redwood Gala. We are so
thankful for the hard work that these parents put into the planning and work to bring needed
funds into our school. Because of their work and your donations, Happy Valley is able to provide
great programs and educational opportunities for all our children every day. Drive for Schools
tickets are due October 14. This money directly goes to the classrooms, and you have a
chance of winning a great prize!

Ohlsen Foods is providing quality lunches for our students every day. We have heard positive
feedback from those students who have ordered. As a reminder, in order for students to receive
lunch, they need to order ahead of time. A new menu will go out monthly. If your child is out for
any reason or on a field trip, please be sure to contact Ohlsen Foods to cancel lunch for the day.
Even if you order lunch, please send a snack with your child. We keep hearing confusion over
why we are asking families to donate toward lunch. Although the State of California mandates
that we offer free lunch, because of our size and our Basic Aid status, the cost of the program
outweighs any state reimbursements. If you can, please donate toward the lunches if you
choose to participate.

Volunteer Opportunities

We can use your help! Here are some areas we can use you:
● Watering the garden on Fridays and holidays
● Inputting books into the library system, shelving books
● Putting up signs around the school
● Replacing a white board in a classroom
● Dig a posthole, insert post, and attach (heavy) wooden sign
● Put together benches, table

Please contact me if you can help! We so appreciate each one of you!

Our remote Spanish classes started last week. It is fun to interact with a teacher in another
place. Some of them are not even teaching from the United States! You should be noticing that
your students can count and say simple phrases, and we are excited about the progression over
the year.

Cyber Safety
Every year we talk to the students about safety on the internet. They give several lessons from
common sense media and have grade appropriate conversations about proper online etiquette
and how to be safe online. There is also a good resource from Mozilla you might be interested
in as a family.

Teacher Training
Last week we had training in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. I am so proud of our teachers
and their perseverance in implementing this program. All students read at their level, and are
given dedicated time every day to interact with literature. You will be invited to Writing
Publishing parties as the year progresses. I am amazed at the student work and insight.

Student Leadership
Student leadership is in full swing, with a Student Council, Playground Partners, Peace Patrol,
Green Team and Lunchroom helpers. Our 6th graders are good role models, and the different
teams continue to help each other out!

Thank you for all of your support!

Michelle Stewart